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Securing Our Border

Over 11 million illegal immigrants have crossed into America. That’s more than the combined populations of New Hampshire, Vermont, Rhode Island, Maine and Massachusetts.

John knows the greatest threat to our security is Washington’s failure to secure the border.  As our State Representative, John set the example for D.C. by passing the largest border security surge in Texas history to keep our families safe:

  • Added 250 Full-Time Troopers to defend the border

  • Provided High-Tech Surveillance and aircraft to Prevent Illegal Crossings

  • Strengthened Border Prosecution Unit to combat human and drug smuggling

  • Required all State Agencies to Use E-Verify to Ensure Legal Status of Employees

  • Voted to End Sanctuary Cities Every Time

Getting Us Where We’re Going Faster

With our area being among the top ten fastest growing in Texas, John knows we must take the right steps to manage our growth and infrastructure.  While many argued that raising taxes was the only way to pay for new roads, John passed a solution that allowed our families to keep more of what they earn.

John helped bring an end to harmful budget diversions that were siphoning billions away from road construction. And voters overwhelming approved (by 83%) the statewide ballot measure John passed that dedicates billions more in existing revenue exclusively to our building and repair vital infrastructure.

When all was said and done, John increased much-needed road funding by $4 billions without new taxes or tolls. John is working hard to ensure our families commute swiftly and safely each day.

Providing Meaningful Tax Relief

While states across America were raising taxes, John helped lead Texas in cutting taxes by $4 billion - the largest tax cut in America. That was on top of the $1 billion John cut last session.

When you add it all up, John has cut more taxes than the entire state budget of New Hampshire.

John believes we must do right by our families and return every cent we can to keep our economy growing and strong. That’s why he’s never raised taxes.

Balancing Our Budget Every Time

When it comes to our state budget, John is guided by three principles: fiscal responsibility, taxpayer accountability, and cutting waste. He focuses in on meeting the most crucial needs of our families, while living within our means. Under John’s leadership, Texas has passed a debt-free, balanced budget every time.

With it’s $19 trillion in debt, Washington could learn a thing or two from Texas about passing a balanced budget.

Moving forward, with low oil prices stifling statewide energy production, John is helping our state take wise steps to prepare for the future.  In addition to passing a balanced budget with no statewide debt, John ensured we kept $11 billion in savings so we always have the means to meet our state’s most vital needs. 

Strengthening Our Local Schools

A graduate of Seguin public schools and a parent of two students at Barnes Middle School, John believes the greatest investment we can make is in our children’s future. This session, John restored $4.9 billion in school funds lost in the great recession and shifted vital resources into our kids’ classroom.  In fact, today Texas has invested more funds in education than ever before.

John helped establish Texas’ high-quality Pre-K program, expanded our charter schools, and cut overbearing STAAR tests so greater classroom time is dedicated toward instruction and learning rather than “test-taking skills.”

An adamant supporter of our local schools, John fights to ensure our parents and teachers have every resource they need to prepare our kids for college and the workforce.

Honoring Our Heroes

John considers it his humble duty to honor the sacrifices of our courageous men and women in uniform.

As our State Rep., John successfully defeated efforts to rollback the Hazelwood Act, which allows veterans and their dependents access to affordable higher education. He passed a budget that allotted $30 million to defense communities that have been negatively impacted by changes in Federal defense contacts.

John also helped establish the Texas Veterans Initiative; a public-private partnership to address the mental health needs of combat veterans and their families.  And John passed a voter-approved ballot measure providing property-tax exemptions to disabled veterans and surviving spouses so they could afford to stay in their homes.

As John puts it, “They fought for us abroad. I will fight for them at home.” He takes every step to do so in the Texas House.

Creating Good Jobs At Home

John has worked for the same local small business, Commercial Metals, since he graduated from college. He’s seen firsthand the harmful impact bad taxes and government regulation can have on local job creators. And he has prided himself on being a backstop for our small business owners.

Named a “Champion of Free Enterprise” by Texas Association of Business and endorsed by the National Federation of Independent Business/Texas, John passed an across-the-board 25% cut of the Texas franchise tax so our small businesses can expand and hire more.

But John knows the work is not yet finished. Next session, he will continue his fight for a full repeal of the franchise tax, which is estimated to create $3.4 billion in annual investments and up to $129,999 new jobs within five years.

Protecting Life

The two proudest moments of John’s life are the birth of his twin boys and the day he took the oath to defend the Constitution in the Texas House.

Endorsed by statewide pro-life organizations Texas Alliance for Life and Life PAC, John is 100% pro-life and fights for the lives of the unborn like they were his own boys.

In the Texas House, John banned all abortions after 20 weeks of pregnancy, reformed the “judicial bypass” process so secret abortions are not performed on minor girls, and ended funding for Planned Parenthood - ensuring your tax dollars never go to ending human life.

Defending Our Rights and Property

In John Kuempel, we have a neighbor and Representative who will always defend our God-given right to protect our families and our private property.

An avid outdoorsman who taught his boys how to hunt and handle firearms safely, John is “A” rated and endorsed by the NRA and Texas State Rifle Association.

Under his leadership, Texas passed the statewide Open Carry law and the Campus Carry law, which allows our licensed college students to carry concealed firearms on public university campuses to defend themselves.

A strong defender of private property rights, John stands firmly against the abuse of eminent domain and will never allow government to wrongfully take what we’ve worked so hard to built.

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