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Securing Our Border

We have seen over 2 million illegal migrants flood across our border over the last few years due to the Biden Administration’s disastrous open border policies. So where the federal government fails to protect our nation from invasion, John Kuempel has answered the call. Not only did the House pass legislation designating Mexican drug cartels as foreign terrorists, John is also protecting our homeland by investing $5.1 billion to finish building the wall, closing entry point loopholes, and ensuring we have sufficient law enforcement, proper technology, and surveillance needed to capture every lawbreaker at our border. 


With U.S. Border Patrol morale at an all-time low, John cut through prohibitive government bureaucracy to grant them the ability to search, seize, and arrest individuals for state and federal offences in addition to expanding their powers to search, seize, and arrest outside of official ports of entry.

To further aid in the fight against illegal immigration, drug, and human trafficking, John passed legislation that allows fentanyl to be prosecuted as murder and legislation that severely increases prison sentences for human traffickers/smugglers. He also helped to create an interstate agreement that shares resources and intelligence with nearby states to finish the wall and stop the flow of criminals through our border. 

John Kuempel is on the frontlines fighting for our sovereignty, and he will continue to do everything he can to close the gaps the Biden Administration has exploited. 

Getting Us Where We’re Going Faster

With our area being among the top ten fastest growing in Texas, John knows we must take the right steps to manage our growth and infrastructure. While many argued that raising taxes was the only way to pay for new roads, John passed a solution that allowed our families to keep more of what they earn.

Thanks to John, Texas holds a historic budget surplus which enabled the state to allocate $9.3 billion to infrastructure to ensure our communities can handle the immense growth we’ve experienced that last several years. And as our world becomes for connected to the internet, we see the disparaging effects it has on our rural and lower income communities. To help keep everyone in Texas connected, John passed HB 9, which expands funding and development of broadband and telecommunications services. Furthermore, John passed legislation that would fund new water supply projects and fix the current aging infrastructure to ensure it meets the daily needs of our ever-growing population.

Providing Meaningful Tax Relief

While states across America were raising taxes, John helped lead Texas in cutting taxes and now we have a budget surplus totaling $32.7 billion. Of which, John helped secure $17.6 billion to be used for property tax relief—the largest tax cut in Texas history. This historic cut puts us one step closer to eliminating property taxes altogether. 

During the 88th Session, John voted “yes” on HB 2488 and HB 1228. HB 2488 helps homeowners by moving the burden of proof in a property tax appeal process over to the appraiser. Prior to HB 1228, homeowners were required to schedule an appraisal protest first then they could have access to the pertinent appraisal documents. The new law gives property owners the authority to access information used to appraise a property and held by an appraisal district before a protest is scheduled.

A large-scale property tax bill is still being debated, but John is constantly guided by his belief that we must do right by our families and return every cent we can to keep our economy growing and strong.

Balancing Our Budget Every Time

When it comes to our state budget, John is guided by three principles: fiscal responsibility, taxpayer accountability, and cutting waste. He focuses in on meeting the most crucial needs of our families, while living within our means. Under John’s leadership, Texas has passed a debt-free, balanced budget every time.

With its $19 trillion in debt, Washington could learn a thing or two from Texas about passing a balanced budget.


In addition to passing a balanced budget with no statewide debt, John ensured we built on Texas’ rainy-day savings from last year’s $11 billion to this year’s projected $27 billion – so we always have the means to meet our state’s most vital needs. 

Because of Texas’ immensely successful fiscal policies, John carved out $10 million in funding for improvements and expansion of Guadalupe Regional Medical Center.


John believes that if Texan families have to keep a balanced budget at home, the government who serves them should too.

Banning the Radical, Woke Agenda

John Kuempel is a staunch defender of children and our Christian, family values. Which is why he made it his mission to pass the most hard-hitting bans on woke radicals trying to sexualize our children. During the 88th Session, John successfully:

  • Banned all gender mutilation surgeries on kids

  • Banned all classroom teachings related to “gender identity” or sexual orientation

  • Banned all pornographic material in our schools

  • Stopped biological men from competing against women in college sports (adding to last session’s legislation banning biological boys from competing against girls in high school sports)

  • Stopped sexualized drag shows from being performed in front of or involving kids


In addition, as Chair of the Higher Education Committee, John helped pass SB 17 which will close down Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion offices on the campuses of state funded colleges and universities and end all activities that discriminate against students on the basis of race, ethnicity, or gender. The bill will prohibit diversity statements for job applicants at Texas universities and it will prohibit mandatory DEI training for any purpose. Senate Bill 17 will return the focus on Texas campuses to harnessing the strength of our diversity, ensuring that everyone is treated equally and that no one is excluded. It will ensure free speech and open inquiry.


John will not stop when it comes to protecting the sanctity of our children and keeping woke politics out of our schools. 

Strengthening Local Schools for Higher Education and Beyond

A graduate of Seguin public schools and a parent of two students at Barnes Middle School, John believes the greatest investment we can make is in our children’s future. John strongly believes every child deserves to feel safe when they go to school, so he co-authored HB 3 to increase safety measures through new systems, funding, and active shooter training for peace officers.

A large part of the success of our children can be credited to our school’s teachers. Unfortunately, the State of Texas is currently experiencing a dramatic decline in teacher retention and retainment, with diminishing numbers of students entering into the teaching profession. HB 4363 establishes a scholarship program, the Future Texas Teachers Scholarship Program, to recruit, prepare, and retain a talented and diverse workforce of career teachers to be leaders in their field and to provide assistance for costs of attendance at eligible institutions.

Once kids graduate from high school, John knows it is crucial to support them with options for their next steps. Some children may not want to take that step to join a traditional university and leave with staggering debt. John is a proponent of alternative schooling options like technical colleges. Texas State Technical College locations are in high demand among Texas employers and communities for the key role they play in economic development. The New Braunfels and Seguin chambers of commerce have expressed an interest in hosting a new TSTC campus to serve area employers and to provide training to area residents that will result in rewarding careers with high wages. HB 4997 authorizes a TSTC campus in Comal and Guadalupe Counties. 

For students who choose to attend college, SB 18 allows for tenure to be granted to college professors. The bill puts in place a strong foundation for our universities to follow that will provide accountability while maintaining an environment that is conducive to recruiting and retaining the best teachers and researchers in the state and nation. This bill requires that universities have policies that are clear, hold tenured faculty accountable for their teaching, research, service, and ensure that faculty who are not meeting established standards for their performance can be removed from their positions while receiving due process. This bill will help ensure that faculty who earn tenure uphold their responsibility to their students, their university, and the people of Texas.

An adamant supporter of our local schools, John fights to ensure our parents and teachers have every resource they need to prepare our kids for college and the workforce.

Cutting Red Tape, Standing for Small Businesses

John has worked for the same local small business, Commercial Metals, since he graduated from college. He’s seen firsthand the harmful impact bad taxes and government regulation can have on local job creators. And he has prided himself on being a backstop for our small business owners.

A key tenet for any free-market capitalist, is the knowledge that, in most cases, what government can do a business can do better and for less money. But for those jobs the government must take on, John is always searching for ways to cut red tape and make our local government more efficient. He filed HB 5346 which amends the process for appointing magistrates in Guadalupe County to make local governments more responsive and efficient.

John also authored HB 1363 shrinks government by eliminating a redundant real estate inspection recovery fund within the Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC). The bill streamlines the process for consumer indemnification and will reduce expenses for inspectors and consumers.

Previously named a “Champion of Free Enterprise” by Texas Association of Business and endorsed by the National Federation of Independent Business/Texas, John is proud to live in a state that protects small businesses, but he knows the work is not yet finished. 

Protecting Life

The two proudest moments of John’s life are the birth of his twin boys and the day he took the oath to defend the Constitution in the Texas House.

Last session, John proudly co-sponsored SB 8 otherwise known as the Heartbeat Ban which protected babies in the womb once the heart is detectable at 6 weeks. He also co-authored the Abortion Ban Trigger Law (HB 1280) which has since then immediately gone into effect due to the U.S. Supreme Court overturning Roe v. Wade. 


Endorsed by statewide pro-life organizations Texas Alliance for Life and Life PAC, John is 100% pro-life and fights for the lives of the unborn like they were his own boys.

Defending Our Rights and Property

In John Kuempel, we have a neighbor and Representative who will always defend our God-given right to protect our families and our private property.

An avid outdoorsman who taught his boys how to hunt and handle firearms safely, John is “A” rated and endorsed by the NRA and Texas State Rifle Association.

Under his leadership, Texas passed the statewide Open Carry law and the Campus Carry law, which allows our licensed college students to carry concealed firearms on public university campuses to defend themselves.

A strong defender of private property rights, John stands firmly against the abuse of eminent domain and will never allow government to wrongfully take what we’ve worked so hard to built.

Texas Conservation

As the great Sam Houston once said, “Texas is the finest portion of the globe that has ever blessed my vision!" And John serves our District and Texas with this thought in mind. Our state is blessed to host a multitude of activities where residents can put their phones down and enjoy the great outdoors. Anything from fishing to hunting, birding to hiking, boating, and so much more can be enjoyed in our backyard.

To help bring attention to and honor the land we thrive on, John passed two resolutionsone designates November as Wildlife and Conservation Month (HCR 77) and the other authorizes the construction of a Game Warden Memorial at the Texas Capitol (SCR 46). In addition, John passed HB 4087 which limits the amount of sewage being transported on local roads prevents wear and tear and reduces the risk of biohazardous accidents. Keeping our communities safe and thriving is paramount for John.

Supporting Texas Energy

It is hard to believe that just a few years ago, the United States was energy independent. Texas was at the forefront of providing energy to the rest of world. Fast forward to now, and our most valuable natural resource is lying stagnant beneath our soil. Meanwhile, we see D.C. politicians constantly trying to pass “Green New Deal”-type legislation that will destroy jobs; our economy; and don’t provide any reliability for days that aren’t sunny or windy. To combat these attacks, however, John voted “yes” on SB 1017 to stop local governments and other entities from regulating and restricting engines and energy sources we choose to use. 

He also helped pass HB 2555—the Texas Infrastructure Resiliency Act which strengthens our grid by empowering electric utility companies to plan means of: replacing distribution poles with higher wind rated facilities, managing vegetation, raising assets located in flood-prone areas, undergrounding targeted portions of distribution lines, and tackling cyber and physical security. Lastly, John passed SB 1093 which adds water facilities to the Texas Electricity Supply Chain Map and Committee and includes TxDOT to the committeeensuring that we know all relevant transportation infrastructure information during energy emergencies. These measures will certify that Texas can withstand inevitable harsh weather conditions and our boost our ability to recover from them quickly.

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